'Yoga' of food

"Mentioned in ancient texts, Khichdi (also called "Kitchari") is eaten all over India in some form or the other. Uncomplicated, mushy, power-packed, yet easily digestible Khichdi too was the forerunner to the Anglo-Indian dish "Kedgeree." 

A combination of rice and various dals, sometimes dal and bajra (pearl millet) or dal and broken wheat, Khichdi can be a simple gruel for patients or those suffering from weak digestion or it can be taken to the heights of a gourmet’s delight with flavorings of garlic, ginger, and onions, and a combination of vegetables, finishing off with colorful garnishing of coriander, mint, or chopped red chillies laid gently over a lovely yellow Khichdi. 

The perfect balance of equal quantities of rice and dal reflect the perfect 'yoga' for balancing the three prakritis along with the body, mind and soul. I love the basic combination of equal quantities of dal and rice, washed and boiled with double the quantity of water, salt and a touch of turmeric.  Just enjoy this with a teaspoon of ghee – best comfort food ever!!"

~Annu Toshniwal, India 



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