"Ayurveda Unveiled" documentary filmmaker Gita Desai shares

"About this pot of "Gold"... its rich smell and warm color offers the highest quality oil, smothering each cell of our being. Knowing this I make Maha Ghee my "go to"  jar for the most unlikely and simple culinary pleasures! Recipes with ghee are many but try these instant escapades to start with :

Melt a teaspoon over hot cereals, porridge...

Mash bananas with a little cardamon, maple syrup and warm ghee - yummy desert!

Dollop over any veggie, rice, or sauted greens and take them to the heavens!

Spices saute best in ghee - try filling the home with this aroma - your family will drool and neighbors may visit without reason!

Saute nuts in ghee to top deserts, cakes, salads....

Lavish a layer over any warm sweet, heavy breads or whole grain toast - butter will soon have no choice but to vanish from your kitchen."

-Gita Desai

Visit https://unveiledtrilogy.com/ to learn more about Gita's work

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