Ghee is becoming quite the Superfood - thanks to "Bulletproof coffee"!? As with most such trends in the mainstream wellness world, a deeper context to its potential superpowers and ill effects is often missing. This motivates us to launch the Glory of Ghee Knowledge Circles, where InSightful teachers/experts will share their Ayurvedic-Yogic-Tantric perspectives on ghee and all connected with the "Source" - special cow breeds, milk, therapeutic and spiritual properties, and much more! 

Upcoming Circle 

Sunday, 18 September 2022
11am PT / 2pm ET (USA)

Pragya, the higher intelligence within an individual bridges the expansive knowledge domains of Yoga and AyurvedaWhen Pragya is in an unwavering steady state it not only prevents and treats diseases but also helps to bring joy and connectedness. Like Ghee, it has the ability to connect the body-mind-consciousness triad. In this talk I share: How does it work? What are its components? How do we hone it?

Vaidya-Scientist Namyata Pathak, BAMS, MD (Ayu), VSF, is one of the most extensively India-trained Integrative Ayurveda clinicians practicing in the US for the past eight years. Her advanced dual training in Ayurveda and western medicine allows her to navigate complex clinical scenarios with a rare ease. She currently tugs away at her Ayu.Care clinic in the Bay Area, piecing together integrative foundations needed for Clinical and Spiritual Ayurveda. As a mother, she can be found biking and drawing, scheming up stories to prep her kids for the long haul from a health standpoint.  


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